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Unlock partnership potential. Join Axis to find your perfect match. Axis streamlines connections between suppliers and advertisers, boosting profitability without additional hops.


What Is Axis?

Axis is a programmatic middleware that facilitates smooth connections between DSPs on the demand side and SSPs, Ad Exchanges, and Publishers on the supply side in order to streamline partnership acquisition and trading processes.

As a connector, Axis offers you the opportunity to expand your partnership network with an extensive number of onboarded clients that it has to offer. When collaborating with Axis's clients, you benefit from streamlined integration and seamless documentation processes, which reduce manual work and save you valuable time and effort.

Find Partners Easily

Equipped with AI-based cutting-edge machine learning technology, the product’s low-touch user flow allows reaching the right partners with minimal effort and investments. Connect demand partners or supply sources without allocating additional resources on your end.

Connect Seamlessly

A robust programmatic infrastructure at the heart of Axis enables suppliers and advertisers to establish direct connections without the need for technical integration, entailing the very best advertiser-publisher combos you’ll ever experience.

Reach Beyond

We prioritize community engagement, staying in constant communication with our clients. Our dedicated Business Consulting and Support Team offers personalized assistance complemented by free webinars, educational videos, articles, cases, and valuable materials.


Why Axis?
You Will Tell Us
After You Try!

Axis is designed to revolutionize partnership acquisitions
without the complexities of traditional Ad Exchanges.
The following criteria make us stand out.

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Ad Exchange

Less effort, more partners

Axis provides connections to a diverse range of companies for potential partnerships, offering transparent information about their IDs and market interests.
Working in an ad exchange requires an investment of time in business development.

Easy & automated workflow

All integrations are streamlined, so you experience zero tech issues. Legal documentation is also automatically generated for a seamless workflow.
Additional integrations require customization. This includes a high level of manual work, which will require additional financial investments.


Axis doesn't add an additional node, ensuring clients save significant costs by paying only a percentage of their total spend/revenue.
Ad exchanges impose margins of around 30% for their services.

Transparency and Quality of traffic and ads

In Axis, transparency entails clients having visibility into all details, from connected partners to their capabilities, including traffic type and ad offerings.
Information about traffic and demand can only be obtained from the structure of requests and responses that pass through the platform.
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Watch Your
Business Grow


Simple as
One, Two,
Three… Four

Starting up with Axis takes only four simple steps. No more complicated set-ups and configurations. A simple process that takes your product where your target audience needs it, even if they don’t know it yet.



Register with Axis to begin your journey with us. It only takes about five minutes, depending on your Internet connection. We verify the client's website to ensure its potential and evaluate the company's position in the market. We also check the company's certificates and compile data from previous partner collaborations.


Thorough Analysis

All information is thoroughly analyzed across various communication channels to ensure there are no negative reviews about the potential client. The entire process takes up to 72 hours, and the more information we receive, the faster the process will be.



After approval, the next step is to provide the platform with information about your available integrations. Specify what you are selling through Axis or what inventory you are interested in buying through the platform. Once you share details about your target audience, desired ad placements, and marketing objectives, Axis can better understand your needs and find the perfect match for your ad placements.


Generating income

The platform ensures that your message reaches your target audience at the right time and place, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. As a result, you can generate income and enjoy the benefits of a successful marketing strategy.

Choose Axis and Experience the Power of a World-Class Programmatic Ecosystem

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That's why it's so special

With Axis, you will elevate your advertising to a brand-new level of efficiency.
However, there's more in store. Check out what we can offer.

Advertise to Earn

Axis has been enriched with partners’ suggestion mechanisms, running on an advanced ML engine, offering only those partners that meet your business criteria. As soon as you’re done entering your data, the platform starts monitoring your work and updates instantly as your performance criteria change – email notifications with new partner offerings will be sent right away.

Integrate to Last

Integration with Axis is as easy as ABC. There’s no need to enter tons of data and hire a team of sales representatives. There’s one form to fill in, one role to choose – are you an advertiser or a publisher – and a couple of additional buttons to press. Then, the magic happens as the platform finds you the partners you need.

Enter to Work

Axis is a community-based open platform created by people for people’s businesses. Our product’s low-touch approach allows us to keep our customers away from the thick and thin of countless audits as we scan everything ourselves, letting the advertisers and publishers focus on what matters: advertising.

Use to Please

Imagine this: no configurations at all. An AI-powered platform that analyzes your traffic and offers the best partners. We created Axis to bring joy to businesses on both the giving and receiving ends of the advertising industry. With Axis, users can effortlessly expand their clientele, maximize trading efficiency, and benefit from transparent, AI-powered insights — all at their fingertips with just a few clicks. Oh, by the way, you won’t need onboarding to start.

Know what you pay for

Axis offers a transparent payment model with no additional fees or margin values added. The platform ensures that your message reaches your target audience at the right time and place, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. As a result, you can generate income and enjoy the benefits of a successful marketing strategy.

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