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As a connector, Axis facilitates smooth connections between DSPs and Ad Exchanges on the demand side and SSPs, Ad Exchanges, and Publishers on the supply side. The platform simplifies partnership acquisition and trading processes.

Using Axis, clients benefit from streamlined integration and seamless documentation, reducing manual work and saving valuable time and effort.

About Us
Axis’s team has over a decade of expertise in the AdTech sphere.
Our primary mission is to surpass direct trading methods, enhancing
the overall efficiency of the process.

Business Structure

Managed Websites
O&O Websites
  • Prebid.js
  • Prebid Server
  • OpenRTB
  • VAST
  • JS Tag
Top Advertising Networks,
Other Demand
(Technological Middleware)
Client’s Supply Integration on Axis
Client’s Platform
SSP, Ad Exchange, etc
Note: Axis should be integrated as the demand here Sample: Endpoint generated on Axis should be set up on the DSP page of your AdExchange
Client’s Demand Integration on Axis
Client’s Platform
DSP, Ad Exchange, etc.
Note: Axis should be integrated as the supply here Sample: Endpoint generated on SSP page of your AdExchange should be set up on Axis

Types of Ads

Available for In-App, Mobile Web and Desktop

Video Ads
Display Ads
Native Ads

Distinct From
Regular Ad Exchange

Axis serves as the foundational infrastructure that standardises connections among various programmatic technology platforms, primarily publishers and advertisers. It's not better or worse than Ad Exchange - it's just different.

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Our Team

Anna Tarasewicz
Anna Tarasewicz

What excites Anna most about working at Axis is the challenging yet engaging nature of work. From conveying strategies to developing new products and launching them, her objective at Axis isn't merely to follow industry trends; it's to establish them. She appreciates this proactive approach.

Anastasia Skliarenko
Anastasia Skliarenko
Strategic Development and Growth Manager

Anastasia is amazed at how Axis revolutionized partner discovery, business development, and paperwork. She finds her role particularly rewarding as it allows her to forge connections with new clients. Each interaction feels like a stage performance to her, offering Anastasia the opportunity to passionately convey the value of their product.

Oksana Vanko
Oksana Vanko
VP of Growth

Oksana feels fortunate to have contributed to Axis's remarkable journey of expansion. She knows that the company thrives through continuous analysis, feedback, and team development, but her greatest satisfaction lies in onboarding new companies into the Axis ecosystem.

Olena Tkachuk
Olena Tkachuk
Support Representitive

Olena has found a sense of belonging at Axis within a dynamic team united by a common goal. She is inspired by the passion her colleagues exhibit for their product, and Olena shares that same enthusiasm. While challenges arise, she views them as opportunities for growth and innovation, propelling the team towards achievements.

Oleksandr Tsurkan
Oleksandr Tsurkan
Project Manager

Being a part of a dedicated team focused on developing cutting-edge programmatic solutions is a privilege for Oleksandr. He also believes that one of Axis's most exciting projects involves an AI-powered platform that will enable clients to make data-driven decisions, optimize campaigns in real time, and unlock new levels of success.

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