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Impose Precision Advertising Strikes: Now Even Easier with Axis Bonus Program for Newcomers

Impose Precision Advertising Strikes: Now Even Easier with Axis Bonus Program for NewcomersVictoria Kensington
Impose Precision Advertising Strikes: Now Even Easier with Axis Bonus Program for Newcomers

Bonus programs, also known as loyalty programs, are not a novelty in the world of business. The principle at work is simple: you dedicate your time and resources to working with a vendor or manufacturer in exchange for their services or goods, and you might just get a bit of a discount on your next purchase. That is, first you give, then you receive.


At Axis, we decided to revolutionize the approach by making our customers receive first and then receive more. We don’t need your loyalty by default – we want to earn it. We believe solid partnerships should work from the beginning. Hence, this is a genuine bonus program we’re talking about today. We have launched a bonus program that empowers you to refine your advertising business right from the onset at an almost free-of-charge rate. So, shall you sign up first, or would you like to learn more about the program itself?


One Step, 36 Minutes, Countless Benefits

Signing up for Axis takes half an hour. Basically, you just need to hit the “sign up” button and spend half an hour of your time to become a full-fledged member of the Axis bonus program for new users. The information we would ask you to fill in during the registration process is actually the information we need to help your business work better and in a safer, fraud-proof environment.


We will ask you to indicate the type of company you represent – an SSP or a DSP – your business goals, logic, etc. Thus, our AI-powered algorithms will help you find the best partners to start trading with them as soon as we’re done checking your information. For example, when working with ad exchange platforms, which we’re not, you can spend weeks and even months setting up your first deal. With Axis, it takes hours, as our mission is to help you focus on successful advertising, leaving the procedural hurdles to us. If you want to learn more about Axis’ functional coverage and the very registration process, click here to see a detailed video guide our experts have prepared for you. 


Here’s another thing you might need to know. There are no exceptions to the rule, as all new users are entitled to leverage the benefits of our unique bonus program. Furthermore, with Axis, you get to test the product before paying us anything. The whole experience of trying out our membership together with the bonus program is a gamified process aimed at improving your business, saving money, and, of course, having fun while doing what you love.


This Is the Game Plan: What Do You Get With Our Progressive Bonus Program

One of the particular features that makes our bonus program stand out from the crowd of competition is that it is a progressive offer. That is, the more you stay in it, the more benefits you get to experience. Below are the four progressive steps you can take one by one, simultaneously achieving better milestones for your business and improving your bonus portfolio.

axis advertising placement process

The Program’s 4 Steps Decoded

Here's how everything unfolds from the procedural point of view. You sign up with Axis, fill in the information, get verified, and you're good to go. We kick off the bonus program with one month of free-of-charge comprehensive support where our experts are there for you in the communication channel of your choice. Our response time is up to thirty minutes, meaning all your questions and issues will be answered and eradicated lightning-fast. Furthermore, we're talking about a personal customer care manager being assigned to you, not a computerized support program where you have to wait in a queue. At Axis, we only automate business improvement algorithms; when it comes to people, we're all in for human-centered care.


Furthermore, you get that first two weeks of service absolutely free of charge. That is, you don't pay the Axis fee, you don't pay for support, you only pay our 4% if we helped you close a good advertising deal. Everything that we require here from you is to set up the first integration or send the first invite to a partner. Once that first deal is closed, you get two more weeks of a free trial. If you manage to reach a revenue of $5,000 over those five weeks, you get one more month of a 50% discount on our fee, paying us only 2% of your revenue/spend. Of course, like anyone, we believe in revenue, but at Axis, we first help businesses grow, letting them stand firm.


Oh, you might think that this is some kind of scam, do you? It sounds too good to be true – there are no severe conditions at all; the ones there are all aimed at helping my business prosper. Well, let's worsen the deal a bit, all right? There is actually one condition. Before you can proceed to trading, we will have to check your company's information; it can take up to 48 hours. Validity and reliability lie at the core of our services, as we believe that bringing reliable partners together and automating their programmatic advertising businesses is the model of our success.


Take Or Take It 

Everything that distances your business from boosted advertising capabilities, saved cost, and better income through efficient advertising deals is precisely 36 minutes of your time. While Axis’ standard offer would suffice in letting you improve your efficiency, regardless of whether you are an SSP or a DSP, the bonus program will significantly boost your overall advertising aptitude. Our experts will stay with you online, helping you master the platform, and your first month comes free of charge. Then, as we’ll help you set up efficient business operations, you get a 50% discount on your next month. Axis’ bonus program is a perfect way to save costs while launching and tuning your processes in a manner that would let you achieve strategic success.

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