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Axis Presents a Robust Global Technology Platform

Access to aggregated global inventory

AI technology to match you with the best partners

Seamless billing management

Generation of impactful bid stream and ecosystem data insights, fostering ongoing innovation

Why Choose Axis
Over Other Similar Solutions?

Prioritizing Community Engagement

Our dedicated Business Consulting and Support Team offers personalized assistance on the platform, complemented by free webinars, educational videos, articles, cases, and other materials where we share valuable advice and insights.

Providing Tech Expertise

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay current with the latest trends and technological advancements and set trends ourselves. Leveraging our accumulated expertise, we stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge solutions that guarantee optimal advertising outcomes.

Enabling Easy Start

Users of the platform can seamlessly initiate media trading without the need to delve into technical complexities or sift through endless documentation. Joining and operating our platform is straightforward and intuitive, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users.

Supporting Transparency

Distinguished from other solutions that enforce margins, our transparent platform fee offers a cost-effective partnership without additional charges for our own profit scaling. With us, you only pay a percentage of your total spend/revenue, which saves your costs significantly.

Delivering Extra Value

At our platform, we value loyalty and provide extra value to our customers. That's why media buyers and sellers regularly receive personalized offers and exclusive bonuses as a token of our appreciation for their continued dedication.

Praising Choice Flexibility

Axis empowers customers with the freedom to choose from a diverse array of ad formats and traffic types, offering unparalleled flexibility and opening doors to a multitude of opportunities for obtaining maximized benefits.

Simplifying Daily Grind

With Axis, there's no need for the business development team to spend time searching for relevant partners, handling ad operations, or dealing with legal matters. Plus, our streamlined documentation workflow ensures effortless collaboration, freeing up your time.

Ensuring Privacy

Our data protection measures encompass encryption protocols, access controls, and regular security audits to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and data security. We are committed to compliance with relevant data protection regulations and continuously update our practices to mitigate emerging risks.

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Axis Presents a Robust Global
Technology Platform


oRTB streamlines real-time programmatic ad transactions by standardizing bidding processes. It fosters growth by facilitating seamless communication between buyers and sellers in digital advertising. Axis handles all requests using either AT=1 or AT=2, empowering buyers with comprehensive data for informed bidding.

Prebid Server

Prebid Server is a server-side header bidding solution that efficiently manages auctions and reduces latency. Publishers make a single call to the server, which instructs bidder adapters to display the highest bidder's ad. As soon as the visitor opens a web page, the Prebid Server requests bids from demand partners, with winning bids sent to the ad server for display via the Prebid wrapper on the website.

VAST Integration For Supply-Side

VAST, or Video Ad Serving Template, is a standardized protocol by the IAB, streamlining communication between ad servers and video players for seamless ad delivery. In programmatic advertising, VAST integration is essential for distributing video ads across diverse platforms and ensuring consistent presentation.


Prebid.js, widely recognized as a prebid wrapper, stands as an open-source tool simplifying header bidding integration across publishers’ websites and mobile applications. It boasts an extensive array of active adapters, fostering an open-tech environment for businesses to construct their code effortlessly.