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Axis Registration: Your Gateway to Safe and Smart SSP/DSP Alliance

Axis Registration: Your Gateway to Safe and Smart SSP/DSP AllianceVictoria Kensington
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Axis Registration: Your Gateway to Safe and Smart SSP/DSP Alliance

We're delighted to share that registration on our platform is now open. Rest assured, our team has streamlined the process for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring it won't consume much of your time. We've included only the essential steps to bolster your confidence in the security, speed, and ease of our approach.


But there's more to our offering! At Axis, we firmly believe in rewarding our valued clients right from the start, rather than making them wait. Discover the details of our innovative bonus program, showcasing our commitment to providing immediate and exceptional value to you. 


How to Register with Axis

Let's kick things off. Below, you'll find a set of clear steps to ensure your seamless registration on our platform, ushering you into the dynamic realm of easily finding a new SSP/DSP partner. Whether you're an SSP, DSP, or a combination of both, our user-friendly interface ensures that complexity won't be a stumbling block when it counts. But let's dive right in – here's your roadmap to get started:


  1. Visit the Axis website.
  2. Click the "Get Started" button in the top right corner.
  3. Register by creating a login and password.
  4. Provide your company details and select your company type (demand-side, supply-side, or both).
  5. After completing these steps, our financial department will review your application, and you'll receive a response from us within 48 hours.


If you have questions about why certain information is required or want to understand how Axis works behind the scenes, including how advertisers and service providers interact, we recommend watching a short video. It offers a sneak peek into how our platform operates. Good news: it's all very straightforward. You'll only need about 15 minutes to fill in your company details. If you run into any issues, spot a bug, or want to discuss a feature, our chat support team is here for you and will respond promptly.


Our platform is designed to be so intuitive and user-friendly that onboarding becomes unnecessary. We've streamlined the process to eliminate time-consuming tasks and unnecessary steps, retaining only the essentials to ensure your experience is as efficient as possible. We believe in keeping it simple and straightforward. Once you enter your data, Axis starts monitoring your work and provides you with a robust list of potential partners via email almost immediately. 


Transparency is paramount to us. If our assessment uncovers incomplete or inaccurate information or any other valid reason, your company may not receive approval. In such cases, you’ll receive a  formal response. You're welcome to reapply after a waiting period of three months.


Ensuring Trust and Safety in the Programmatic Landscape

Axis actively deters issues like bot traffic, which can adversely impact SSPs. Our platform is fortified with security measures to ensure that business transactions take place on a dependable and secure platform.

Our approach prioritizes user safety by conducting thorough checks on companies to guard against issues such as fraud and payment complications. This ensures that all users can have complete confidence in the absence of undesirable elements like bot traffic (especially in the case of SSPs) and that companies will fulfill their payment commitments to their partners, particularly in the case of DSPs.


Four Simple Steps to Find a New SSP/DSP Partner

Celebrating your programmatic journey with Axis is a commitment to simplicity and efficiency. We've distilled the registration process into four crucial steps:


  • Axis Registration: Begin by visiting our website, where you'll create your account with a chosen login and password.
  • Company Details: The next step is sharing essential company information and specifying your company type, whether it's Demand-side, Supply-side, or both.
  • Network Access: Upon completion of the initial steps, you gain access to a diverse network of partners ready for direct collaboration. The power to select and begin working with them lies in your hands.
  • Automated Success: Axis prides itself on automating core processes, expediting deal-making, and saving you valuable time and resources.


As you progress to the fourth step, the excitement of revenue generation begins. Your audience discovers the value of your product or service, and you unlock opportunities within the world of programmatic advertising.


Conclusion: Empowering Your Programmatic Journey with Axis

One thing has been clearly evident as we have gone through the registration process, emphasized the need for trust and safety, and examined the effectiveness of our platform: Axis is here to empower you.


We are committed to providing you with a streamlined and secure programmatic landscape that allows you to focus on what truly matters – building valuable relationships and witnessing your business flourish. Waste no time: focus on your core business operations while we handle everything else, while others waste time and money on useless forms and configurations. Automation takes care of all that's possible, and where a human touch is required, our team is ready to assist with non-standard requests. This harmonious blend ensures a seamless experience for our valued customers.


At Axis, we understand the importance of immediate value and have designed our bonus program accordingly. Your success is our success, right from the outset.


Your programmatic journey begins now. Register with Axis, and let us accompany you on the path to success in the world of programmatic advertising. 

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